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Guest dancing1

Is this good? i have 5 classes a week for an hour and a half. one of the classes are with the class above me. that class is a point class. then i have 2 tech. classes and then another 2 point classes. this is my first year in point. should i consider doing my point class iwth the other class in normal ballet shoes? We only use point shoes for barr in that class. im in a hurry so im sorry if this doesnt make muchj sence.

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Slow down!:eek:


Again, I really don't understand what you're asking!


Please make a list detailing, day-by-day, what your classload is like. In other words:


Monday:Technique - 1.5 hour, Pointe - 1 hour.

Tuesday: off

Wednesday: Technique - 1.5 hour


and so on. Once you lay it out clearly, we'll be able to answer your question.

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Guest dancingostrich

Dancing1 is my friend from ballet. i tod her to come here.


Monday: tech. 1.5 hr.

tuesday:tech. 1.5 hr

Wednesday: point durring barr in a 1.5 hr. class (we just started point so we havent realy done anything on the floor)

Thursday: same as wed.

friday: off

Saturday:same as wed. But we can do normal ballet shoes if you would like to. This class is combined with the higher ballet class at our studio. (we are 2nd most advanced.)


Im sorry if i confused you even more.

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Since you've both just started pointe, I'd say just the one class barre done with pointe shoes is plenty unless and until you hear different from your teacher.

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