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How to: Reply to a Post and include Quotes.


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When you want to reply to a post make sure you hit the proper button: Go to the bottom of the page and there will be a new box for your post. (Reply to this topic . . . )

If you use the or Quote button at the bottom of a member’s post, it will include that post in its entirety in your response.

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To add quotes from other posts, there are several ways to do this:

1.  To include the post, hit the or “Quote” button at the bottom the member’s post.  That will automatically include the entire post in your response, and will include all information such as the original poster and date of post.  [We do ask that you be judicious in quoting and only include that portion of the member’s post that is pertinent to your response, editing out the rest before posting].

2. Highlight and copy that portion of the post you wish to quote, click on the quote marks icon in the tool bar at the top of the response box and paste into the box presented.  This will designate the passage as a quote, but will not include the original poster’s name or the date of the original post.

3. Highlight and paste the desired quote in your reply box and type a [    ] with the word quote inside it at the beginning and then the same at the end except with a / just inside the bracket but before the word quote .  (I’d do it here, but it would just show the words as quoted and not the prompts for you to use.)

Again, this will designate the passage as a quote, but will not include the original poster’s name or the date of the original post.

 If the material comes in as a different font or size type, please change it to the “default” type and size before posting. You can do that by looking at the “source” code (click on Source button in posting box tool bar) and editing out the inappropriate type face, font, size.  

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