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Welcome! to Diversity in Ballet

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We are excited to Welcome you to the forum for Parents of Ballet Dancers of Color.  We are opening this forum so that our Ballet trained Dancers of Color, their parents and those who teach them can discuss the different and sometimes difficulties that many dancers of color face in finding quality Classical Ballet training, embracing inclusion, and any different choices that may be faced braving what is a field that is becoming more welcoming, but also still has a way to go.  

All Parents of BALLET dancers of Color, Dancers of Color themselves, and Teachers of Dancers of Color are welcomed to post.  The general rules of this moderated forum apply here.  We discuss, we don't argue.  We work toward solutions, we also understand Ballet's limitations and are honest about them.  We understand that Dancers of Color are as varied as a field of flowers.  We come from all areas, all life situations, and all ethnic makeups.  One of the quickest ways to shut down discussion is to assume, we are all the same.  All for the wisdom of others, the first hand experiences of others and also allow for times when the issue may not be color but rather may be simply Ballet itself.  We will all hope to learn the differences.  

Welcome, enjoy and learn!

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Thank you for creating this space!

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I'm responding to this thread hoping to boost it in case there's discussion. I joined BT4D some years ago but hadn't discovered this thread until now. My dancer is going on 17 and the type of support she needs now, of course, is different from what she needed when first entering SI's and the deeper complexities of studying classical ballet. Am hoping to engage with more parents as it relates to the good, bad and indifferent of being a person of color in the ballet world or their parent.

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Would you be willing to share what those differences are as a youth vs. teen, as they relate to supporting a POC in ballet?

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