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I am a 14 years and 8 months old girl from norway. I started dance ballet in september 2019, and love it! The dance school I going to, only have one class a week for my (low) level. But in january, a teacher from Colombia (earlier professional) start having classes, so until corona came, I danced two times in week. (I have also doing stepping for two years). The semester ended in May (!?!), so I have taken a pair privat lessons. In the befinner class, we had 15 minutes for pointe work, only strenght. I am not flexible, and my wrists do not "came over". Sorry for my bad english... 

I wish I had discovered ballet much earlier, I love it so much. In the place I live, it is not big enough focus on ballet, so I can bet.. In high school, I can wether start at a dance line, or move to Oslo, and dance Beside the school. The national ballet school in Oslo is impossible to join. I am to unflexible and bad. I will bet, but dont know if it is possible.. 

Can someone relate? 

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Oops!  A YD replied before a teacher moderator got here.  Gentle reminder that in the YD and pointe shoe forums, a moderator must reply first before a discussion can begin.  To the user who posted, I am so sorry to hide your first post, but please do a little reading around on our forum rules.  This particular one can be found here.  

To Libertalia:  Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers!  I am so sorry it took this long to get to your post; we have recently been undergoing several changes to our moderation team, and it appears that your post was missed!

COVID-19 has put a halt to many people's training, or at least made it very difficult to continue.  I understand your frustration, both in terms of COVID-19 halting everything, and in terms of living in a small town without many training opportunities.  I have this to say:  If you really want ballet to be a part of your life, it will be.  You will make it happen.  COVID-19 has resulted in more really good ballet content online than ever before.  Watch the videos of professional companies on Youtube.  Notice what makes them good.  It isn't just flexibility.  It's artistry, musicality, and little nuances that really bring the character or ballet to life.  Be inspired by the dancers of yesterday and today.  Maybe you like Maya Plisetskaya's Dying Swan better than the other versions you have watched.  Why is that?  You're allowed to dislike or like something, but the real magic happens when you ask why you like or dislike it.  And then one day, when you go back to class, you'll have developed a better understanding of what you want to achieve there.

I do have two things that I want to mention.  The first is that, we don't generally allow "chatting" on the YD forums.  Once you reach 30 posts (and have been here for at least 21 days), you may ask to join the Buddy Board, where you can have chat threads.  Again, this is listed in our "Rules and Policies" forum.  The second is, I have concerns about a studio that is putting "beginner" students on pointe.  I am not entirely sure what you mean by "wrists coming over", but given that you mentioned this right after your pointe comment, and that we don't generally want overly exaggerated wrists in ballet, I am thinking you might mean "ankles".  If that is the case, I have even more concern, as not only should a beginner student doing one class a week not be on pointe, but any student who does not have enough ankle flexibility to properly stand on pointe should not be in pointe shoes.

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