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Popping Sound in Hip?

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So when I'm warming up I always hear a popping sound in my hips and I'm not sure if this is something that other people hear/feel. Is this normal? I recently took a pretty long break from dance (because of pandemic stuff) and I started noticing that my hips always make a funny noise when I'm trying to turn out. I'm pretty sure that it's been there even before I took a break though. My friend sent me this link to something called snapping hip syndrome, not sure if it's related. https://discourse.medecio.com/t/what-in-the-world-is-snapping-hip-syndrome/213

Just curious if this is something that other people experience too.

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Miss Persistent

Hi fluffydog,

Welcome to BT4D and I’m sorry it has taken so long to answer your question.

Hips that mane funny sounds in ballet are certainly common, but does that not necessarily make them “normal”. There can be many reasons that hips make funny sounds - sometimes a muscle is too tight, sometimes a muscles is too weak, sometimes a technical fault is present, sometimes there is an anatomical anaomoly - there are endless reasons and almost endless possibilities of things that could be causing popping, clicking, snapping, or clunking.

Hips are quite complex structures with many moving parts and it’s not a good idea for any young dancer having hip problems to try and self diagnose or ask Dr. Google. Without seeing you in person, no-one will be able to tell you what’s happening so if it is of concern to you, you will need to find a qualified medical practitioner to ask.  It is also worth checking with your teacher to see if there are any technical faults you should address that could be impacting it.  Also make sure you are doing a sufficient warm-up and cool down each time you train as well as an adequate amount of stretching for your schedule and your needs (every body is different!)

Let us know how you go 😊

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I agree with Miss Persistent.  Many dancers have hips that pop - and other joints too!  The quick guide is that if a joint pops but there is no pain, don't worry about it.  If there is any pain or inflammation then seek help.  

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