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Thanks to Kate B for the suggestion!


We'll be putting up a Rules sticky in a day or two, but for now, please put any posts that are more chat-type than technique/performance related here. I'll be moving posts from the ABS forum into this one.


And THANK YOU, XENA for agreeing to moderate this forum (and for all your help in leading discussions on the ABS forum.)


Come on in.

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Well the basic rule was that I would delete any post by anyone under the age of 13. Wow I have the power to delete..cool:cool: ;)

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Lolly, it won't be secure like the YD BB -- we do that so that teens can post their email addresses without being seen by outside Evil Eyes. We figure that if you're over 18, you can vote and go to war; you can post your email addresses :)


But it will be strictly limited to posts by adult ballet students 18 and older. Anyone else coming in must have a very good reason and knock politely :)

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In a way, I'd feel nice if the ABSBB (what an acronym ;)) was not visible to guests, but only registered readers (I don't mind teens or moms and dads or ballet goers peeking in, though).


It would create a more chatty athmosphere, if not all random visitors could read the board.


Is such a limitation easy to do (or possible)? What do others think?

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As the posts transferred here from Adult Ballet Students can demonstrate, having a thread open for all to view did not inhibit chattiness in the past, so I don't see why it should start now!:)

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even though there have been chatty threads before, there might have been (and still be) people who don't feel comfortable participating in them if they are totally public.


I thought that maybe a more private forum would make them (us?) feel easier about taking part, too.

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If public discourse tempers the form of expression of some, I'd say that was a good thing. It will make Xena's job easier, and discourage chattiness from degenerating into common slander, or perhaps worse, utter drivel!

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I don't think you still got what I was trying to say.

What I tried to say is tha I feel that it would create a more, um, cozy? comfortable? relaxed? athmosphere for chatting if we knew that what we chat about is not there for the whole wide world to anonymously read.


The tone of the discussion changes, in my experience, dramatically when people feel they are "in private" or "only among their peers", even when people are well aware that the forum is not really secure and nothing really dramatic or private is mentioned. I feel that if we really want a chat / buddy board, as opposed to dividing the adult student forum to "ballet-related" and "other stuff", this change is desirable.


I'm not sure if this is clear. I'm also not sure if it was ever intended that the new board would be such a "common living room" as opposed to "talking at a public place". And I know I'm rambling. :)

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Don't get me wrong; I'm a Free Speecher from way back!:)


But what happens when somebody wants to discuss "what's in your dance bag?" or some such earth-shaker as that? Or worse, "Did you hear that Suzie Sweet and Joe Scruffy are an item now, and Joe's boyfriend is furious!!!"?

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Mel, I'm not sure if I understand your question. What happens where? But I try to answer.


In the case of "what's in your dance bag", I suppose the reason to have the separate buddy board in the first place is to make a place for chatty things like that. If I'm wrong here, ignore the rest, but please tell me what the reason is, then. :)


It is my impression from everywhere on the 'net that on a pseudo-private forum people tend to react to such questions with a more relaxed attititude, creating a more fun and, well, chattier for the lack of better word, discussion.


In the case of the latter topic, well, I hope no one here would bring such up, and if they did, I hope the moderator would delete it. I don't think the ballet alert adult dancers have given any reason to suspect that they'd abuse a private community forum like that, though, let alone a pseudo-private one.


Anyways, I don't care that much one way or other regarding the chat forums restrictedness (or lack of such). I'm here mainly to talk about ballet technique etc anyway. :)

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I'm inclined to wait for the rules sticky, but an old rule of yellow journalism runs, "No one ever went broke underestimating the public taste/morals/ethics." We don't want to turn this forum into a tabloid!


To place the onus for keeping the forum running on the moderator is unfair.


The best way to keep it clean is for everybody to have a look at it; if absolute nonsense begins to drive ordinary nonsense away or if the content of a thread starts to run to the scurrilous, the good sense of the great majority of Ballet Talkers - and they are not a silent majority - will refute and apply a check until management can intervene, if necessary.

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I agree with Mel. We made the Teen Buddy Board private only for safety reasons. Private forums are a touchy subject on the net. People rather naturally assume that when others are chatting in a private forum with the door locked, they're chatting about them :) There's also an administrative reason. It's a hassle to admit people, one by one, to a private forum. We would insist on keeping the 30-post, been here 2 weeks rule, and this means the person has to notify me -- and it always comes, through no fault of the poster's, at an inconvenient time :) -- and I have to go into the control panel and modify several screens. Glad to do it for the teens. so that they can share email addresses and talk about their schools by name without worrying about Terrible People Who Troll The Net Looking For Little Girls. But the rest of us will have to adapt to talking in a public place.


I think it's good for everyone to remember, always, when posting on a newsgroup or message board, that EVERYONE IN THE WORLD WILL READ YOU. Including total strangers, and the one person in the world you did not want to see that post. You'll sleep better that way :)


We did divide the board to separate "what's in YOUR dance bag?" from "What's a tendu?" questions. The purpose of this board was to have serious discussions about ballet. The other discussions intrude on that, so separating them -- rather than constantly yelling "chat post, out!" -- seemed appropriate.


I very much agree with Mel that leaving the keeping of order to the moderator is unfair to the moderator. Everyone has to be responsible.


Hope this clarifies things. I'm sorry if people's expectation was that the Adult Ballet Students Buddy Board would be a private forum.

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Being on the West coast I'm a few hours behind all the fun...

Do remember that we have access to Private Messaging (pm). If you need to say something private or exchange e-mails and you aren't comfortable doing this in public, then you can use the PM option.


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Mel, Alexandra,


I think it very unfair to hint that I tried to put the responsibility about keeping the posts reasonable solely on the moderators, when I specifically said that I hope and believe no one here would even do such a thing (post malicious gossip). :mad:


Surely you both agree that even when the responsibility lies mainly on the posters, in the end it is the moderators who have to enforce it if some one not responsible will show up? I think you must - without that belief you could never have such a wonderfully moderated and co-ordinated site. :)


I also want to point out that I suggested making the adult buddy board invisible to those not registered - asking if this is possible. I did not suggest the same arrangement as the youth buddy board has. I did not suggest a truly private forum. I'm sorry if this was not clear from my posts, and blame the fact that English is a second language to me.

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