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Ballet Talk for Dancers


Kim Comelek

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Hello!  I'm the owner of Harlow Entertainment, dba Harlow Dance Events.  I coordinate, create, and direct dance events.  I'm also a mom of a ballet dancer.  I'm here to answer any questions about the events I'm contracted with.  Due to COVID, that is currently none, LOL, but some do have dedicated threads on this board.  Happy to be here!

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Hello Kim, i am just a beginning ballet dancer. Hope things are well with you

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I have been taking online beginning ballet classes. I live in cincinnati and have been waiting for cincinnati ballet to reopen. Are you a dancer?

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Thank you for the welcome and congratulations  also

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Welcome Kim! How fun that you and your daughter are both in the ballet world. Do you have a ballet background as well?

Enjoy the forums 🙂


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Hi it is Patrick. I am 53. I am divorced and have 2 children. Sorry to be disruptive. I am already lean and athletic and had the notion to try ballet for exercise and toning. I am just practicing online because of covid. I have just started loving dance and I am very eager. Thanks


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I did understand what Kim said. I simply thought she might have a dance background.

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I guess I am talking out of the context of this forum. I am sorry to be in the wrong forum. Didn't mean to upset anyone

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Pakun1, you didn’t upset anyone and you are not in the least disruptive.  :)  Glad you are here and eager to learn.  This particular Forum is really just for introducing oneself and not for much else.  

Please do take some time to nose around the Board, see what all is offered, check out the various Forums—you will be especially interested in the Adult Student Forum and the Men’s Forum.  Check out our Rules and Policies.

We look forward to getting to know you better through your participation in our Forums.  Best wishes on your new found interests.  Never too late to start and enjoy! 👍

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Thank you for your understanding. I do actually belong to other forums. I had received an email about what Kim had posted because of signing up for other forums. I automatically responded in a friendly way. Please take care. Covid cases are rising where I live

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Just thought someone was upset due to using the term "eager beaver". In my circles someone would use this term to describe someone as annoyingly eager. I don't care for the term myself

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Pakun1, I apologize for offending you. I did not intend to. I find the excitement “eager beavers” show to be endearing because of the clear joy they exhibit. 

I do hope you will forgive me and we can move on to you enjoying and benefiting from our community. :flowers:

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Thank you so much for your kind words. I did not know in what context you meant what you said. I am happy to be part of this chat community. I have been through quite a bit in my life and ballet is an outlet for me. ❤

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