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Can someone help me with understanding why i cannot message anyone in this thread?


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Inspired, there is a section on policies and rules that explain new member privileges.  There you will find the number of substantive posts that are needed before being able to send messages to other members.  I am sure an administrator will be along at some point to provide more information, but wanted to address your question and get you to the right spot to explore the workings of BT4D.  I hope this helps

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As regards sending/receiving Private Messages (PMs), full explanation for when/how/why of that feature is provided in the “Rules and Policies” forum and the “How To” forum.  The grace period before such privilege kicks in is for the protection of our members’ privacy.

Short version is:  One must be a member here  for 14 days and make 30 substantive posts before the PM  privilege automatically turns on.  

Therefore, as New Members (i.e., less that 14 days, less than 30 posts), the posters having trouble accessing that feature simply have not yet qualified for PM privileges and won’t be able to either send or receive PMs until those requirements are met.

We do NOT permit our Young Dancer members to exchange personal information on the Open Board ever. 

We do NOT encourage our older members do so either.  (There are many ways that such posted personal information can be picked up via outside search tools and exploited).  BUT, in a pinch and with precautions, we do permit the adults to post minimum contact information in cases such as these.

If you provide an e-mail address we suggest that you add in spaces, place holders, and/or a worded explanation so as not to make the e-mail immediately linked and that the member for whom it is intended acknowledge receipt of the address.  Then the address can be removed.  I suppose you could do it with a phone number, depending on your tolerance for potential robocall lists, spam lists, etc.

 BT4D takes no responsibility for the dissemination of such personal contact information on the open Board, which is searchable via outside search engines.

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I am aware of the rules -I am not a new member. I have been a member since January 21, 2013.   I haven't posted anything in quite awhile but am on here frequently and have posted at least 9 times in the past.  I see that I am showing as a new member - but if you look at my profile it shows the specifics. 



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Inspired, I’m sorry for the difficulty.  Your profile does show that you joined back in 2013, but there are only 10 posts attributed to you.  The PM privileges (and the change to full “Member” from “New Member”) does not occur until there are 30 posts attributed to you.  

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Oh boy. Well, I guess I can spend the rest of the day adding my Ballet mom wisdom, lol!  6 years of summer intensives, YAGP winner, Sugar Plum 3 years and now graduate at Indiana University - Jacob School of Music. 2 contracts offered.  only 20 comments to go!

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Please, appears you have a lot to share with the community. 

We do, however, request that members not go back to post Reviews of experiences at past years of SIs.  We ask that Reviews be posted  only  on this year’s SIs attended experiences.  The posts are all ordered by date posted and there is no way to rearrange or alter that due to the software. To now add in SI program experiences from years ago just confuses those researching for upcoming plans.

Other than that caveat, we look forward to you participating more in the various discussions we are having! 

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