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Virtual training for next 20/21 school year

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Thank you for everyone who responded under this thread! 

My dd has been taking class with Veyette Virtual Ballet School and it has been a wonderful experience as well. We don't have anyone who can share the class with, so it's very pricy. I'm not sure how to form our own little class yet since we just moved to a new area, and under the current situation, it's hard to make friends. 

I have also talked to couple schools, as far as I know, Ballet Austin and Portland Ballet have already decided that their classes are going to be online. Ballet Austin has refund policy before March 1st, I believe, so if the school switch to in-person, you wouldn't be tied up. However, I have not dig in more, please double check with the school. 

I think AB's Mom has a good point that monthly to monthly is probably the most ideal for us, although it probably won't be what the school is hoping. My DD is high risk to COVID, so we still would like to keep her at home until effective vaccine is there. However, with the area is coming up, families who choose to stay at home is facing a different kind of difficulties. 

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Hello All,

I see that Montgomery Ballet is offering exclusively virtual classes with two days a week for different levels if anyone is looking for another option. We have worked with them in the past and the classes are helpful with smaller class sizes and personal attention.

Here is the link: https://montgomeryballet.org/ballet-times/  You scroll to the bottom to see the Virtual Training program options.


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Our school just sent their plan yesterday.  It is a large school so I appreciate the difficulty in coming up with a plan they feel is safe.  I feel their highest level of pre-pro is going to suffer this year as they just canceled their housing (2 weeks before move in), as well as not allowing local HS students to do school work on site between classes.  We are local, but these changes (and a few others)rule out this option for my dancer, who will now be repeating her level from last year.  This year will be a mix of virtual and in-person, with an entire day (4 hours or 3-4 classes) eliminated each week from the schedule, and no tuition reduction.  Such a disappointment, but I am not comfortable with what I see other local schools doing on social media (crowded and/or mask-less classes).   I am wondering how other larger residential pre-pro’s are doing things.

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I know that the school my son attends will offer the option of fully virtual for students that choose it (and they say virtual classes will not be live streams of the in-person, but separate classes taught in a virtual format). However, they are an audition entry program, and I don't think they are opening up for other students-- more focused on serving the students they already have enrolled in this difficult time. 

I do see that some schools are offering fully virtual training. For example, The Washington Ballet says on their website that they are offering only virtual classes for what they say is the "Fall/Winter Programs", and they are holding virtual auditions at the end of August. It might be worth reaching out to schools that are clearly stating they are online only and asking what happens when/if they reopen studios-- will there still be an option for virtual training? Does Fall/Winter term mean the whole year? (Where my son attends, "winter term" means the school year program). 

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School of PAB's pre pro program will be hybrid with some classes virtual and some in person. They will gradually increase the number of classes in person if all goes well. There is also an option to attend fully virtually until they see how things work out with covid, which I will be doing as I do not live in Philly.

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My dd has been training with the Veyettes for close to two years. They are experienced, knowledgeable and do a fantastic job. I highly recommend their private and group classes. They are beginning to offer more group classes which is very exciting! After two years, they are qualified and know how to teach effectively through zoom.


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