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Leotard/Tight Colors

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We are still pretty new to ballet. I am probably way over thinking this... but I am struggling with what color tights to wear with different leotard colors. Our studio prefers light pink tights. What all leotard colors would light pink tights coordinate well with? And what about nude, black, and white tights... what Leo colors do they coordinate best with? 
thanks in advance! 🥰

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yep, over thinking it! :) This is easy. Pink tights (called ballet pink by some brands)  are the only tights you need (unless you are told to get something different for jazz or modern clases/performances.) These ballet pink tights are worn regardless of the color of the leotard.  The classic leotard is black, but some schools have dress codes on color and/or style (camisole, no strappy styles, no bling, etc.) 
Welcome to the ballet world!  

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Mom de deux

If the studio prefers light pink tights, I'd go with that. Our studio requires either pink tights or tights that match the dancer's skin tone, but regardless of what the dancer chooses, they must match the dancer's shoes. That might be a consideration for you. I'd think that it's more important which color tights look better with your dancer's shoes than their leotard.

That said, really any color leotard looks good with pink or flesh toned tights, I can't say for black or white tights.

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Welcome @Wph77! Get ready to overthink everything! :)

For younger dancers the biggest thing I found was making sure they are comfortable. When my DD11 first started dancing she hated tights so I was on a quest to find ones that did not cause sensory issues.

As @Mom de deux posted, tights should match the shoes. My DD has only danced at studios that required back leos so all of the different colors seem fun! But you cannot go wrong with a simple black leotard and then add additional ones as your dancer progresses.

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Welcome Wph77, I just wanted to agree with what everyone has already said, pink/skin color tights for all leos if that is what your dancer's school is requesting. I did want to suggest that you inquire about the school's dress code regarding leotards. Many schools require black leotards, some have free dress days on occasion (like Saturdays) and some allow colored leos everyday. Color of the tights only changes with the genre of dance class; jazz, modern, etc.

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My daughter really prefers the transition tights with the hole in the bottoms, and so do I- they seem to last longer since they're rolled up when she's not dancing. 

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We have been to three studios since my little started dancing (now en pointe). All three were Classical. While two had uniforms, and one did not, they all required ballet pink tights, regardless of the leotard color. I think you are safe with any ballet pink tights and she will likely find a brand that she loves the most. We have done Bloch and Body Wrappers. My dancers is very sensitive to fabrics so we have opted for those with minimal tags, and no extra elastic. I think transition tights are the way to go. It helps so much with transitioning into and out of the classroom. 

You got this!

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