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How to support children after a bad experience

Derin's Mom

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Derin's Mom

Wow! what a great environment we have here. Thank you Noodles and than you Eligus, you are such an open character.

Yes Derin will learn through this process and definetely she has¬†already. But more important; I am as well learning. I admit that she is growing and she has her own choices to make ahead of her. She is a good dance and she is very determinate to continue doing this on a proffessional level. But, she needs the time to grow more with her family; which is actually a great thing for us as well ūüôā

Noodles she continues her education here in Istanbul, though this covis period is a difficulty on its own. The conservatoire is closed to face to face lessons, so everything is online at home. But this period has let her focus on her weaknesses and she built a schedule to develop them.

So... all is good. We are open for new experiences ahead, whenever SHE is ready.

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I am glad to hear that you all are doing well. 

It is experiences like these that will color the fabric of her life and add nuances to her personality. In the end nearly all experiences, both good and bad, can lead to growth and can have a positive outcome if handled correctly. Kudos to you Derin's Mom, I look forward to following your DD's story.

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