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Hi! I am a new member from the mid-Atlantic area. My d has been dancing for 8 years and would like to dance professionally. I don't know a lot about ballet and joined to get more insight and information on ballet as a career.  My d has attended a SFB SI, but we have limited means and have turned down programs without housing. COVID19 is affecting us like everyone else, and I'm hoping ballet companies will survive along with all the other arts. My d has competed in YAGP and gotten top 12 in semi-final and top 3, but not done well enough for NYC finals. My d is not on this forum and I don't want to give too much info out without her permission. She would love a career in ballet, and I want to help as much as possible. We are not considering ballet academies. She is a senior in a public high school and trains in Vaganova technique at an excellent local ballet school. She has won scholarships.

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Welcome Marzipandreams! I am sure that if you read through the various forums you will learn a lot. That is what brought me to Ballet Talk many years ago, my DD was obsessed and I really wanted to learn more to better understand the training aspect and career options & routes. I suggest you block out some time and hit the home tab, then scroll through the forums and dive into whatever is interesting. There are many, many years of shared first hand information about various programs and experiences.

I think hiring for the next couple of years is likely to be dicey, but that is merely my opinion.  It is a rough time for all of the arts. 

I hope that your dancer finds what she is hoping for and is able to push through any obstacles in front of her!

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Thanks, Noodles! I am going to check out all of the appropriate threads. I agree the arts are very iffy right now. Without performances, many companies, theatres etc. may go dark. College may be our best bet for dancing. We will be applying to both.  I appreciate the welcome and advice on the forum!

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