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Hey Internet Dance Family! So happy to be a new member on the forum! I look forward to making connections with you all and learning more about everyone's ballet experience. I was enrolled in local ballet classes as a toddler in 1993 and have not stopped loving the dance style since! My professional career has consisted of mostly theater and commercial work, however I continue to train in ballet as it feels like my home and I'm attracted to always learning something new whether that be from my own body or the instructor. 

I know these are tough times and our dance industry has been hit REALLY hard due to COVID-19... practicing ballet in my living room certainly doesn't feel the same as the studios. I have been missing that in person connection so much. I have been longing to reach for the stars when executing a tombe coupe jete without disturbing the floor below me. I knew I wasn't alone in missing connecting with dance family. 

Dancers are some of the most resilient and resourceful people out there - I know there has to be some fabulous brains in this forum who'd like to share their written work of inspiration and insights. I hope we can keep modeling great leadership by setting the example we wish to see in the world. Wishing you all a Happy Labor Day Weekend and Happy Dancing! ❤️

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Hi dancetipsdaily. I am a beginning ballet dancer. I have only been taking zoom classes presently but plan on taking classes at cincinnati ballet when it reopens. Would love to ask you questions about ballet when I need help.

Thanks Patrick

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Welcome to Ballet Talk dancetipsdaily. We are happy to have you on board, and I apologize that I needed to edit your first post. We welcome first-hand experience and discussion from a wide range of people from beginning dancers to experienced professionals, but we don't host links to other people's podcasts/blogs/youtube channel etc.

We are happy to have you engage in conversation here though and to share your experiences without any self promotion. Please familiarize yourself with the site and read through the Policies and Rules section.

Again, welcome...we are glad that you found us!

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Thank you for the welcome Noodles! No worries. Thank you for the heads up! Happy to join the community. 

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21 hours ago, dancetipsdaily said:

Hey Patrick! Good for you for continuing your zoom classes! All ears for any questions you have. Best of luck on your ballet endeavors.


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