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Shin Splints


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How can you tell what shin splints are? I think there is a possibilty I may have them, but I am not completely sure what they are. I have a pain in the front of my shins when I walk or point my toes (worse when I walk). I have had this before,b ut it just started up again today. The only strenuous thing I think I did yesterday was run up stairs with a heavy backpack in school/ I had no dance because we start up again for the fall on Friday and had a 1 week break between summer and fall. I hope this is clear.


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Heather, shinsplints are a specific sort of tendinitis called tenditis tibialis. It can be caused by any number of things, not the least of which is unbalanced walking, or running on a hard surface, and is made more common by membership in the age group 12-18 years, when tendinitis can be complicated by Osgood-Schlatter disease, which is an inflammation of both cartilage and bone peculiar to adolescents. You need to 1) Rest. 2) Apply cold packs to the affected area. 3) Wrap or tape the leg to support the structures beneath the skin, and 4) Keep the area elevated, as much as possible while resting. This is, of course, if you actually have tendinitis - if in doubt, consult your family doctor. We'd love to diagnose, but we don't have the credentials, plus we can't see you and know what's going on.

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Hi ArabesqueAngel23, sorry to hear about your poor shins!


I was at my gym today, and my instructor gave me some exercises to strengthen that area-maybe you could ask your doctor for advice on exercises of this kind when you're better?


(I don't want to try and explain what I was told in case I don't do it properly, and you end up hurting yourself more!)


Hope they mend soon xx :)

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Thank you Mr. Johnson. I wasn't completely sure what shin splints were, but I may consider seeing a doctor. I'm in the age range you specified, as I am 14. I also talked to a friend who has shin splints and I believe we ahve the same feeling. Well, I will keep you posted with any news.


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