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catching balance

Guest Lolly

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Is there any way to get your balance back if you feel yourself falling off it? I mean if you feel yourself start to lean, can you catch it or is it inevitable you will fall?


I have learned a lot about my balance on demi pointe this summer, and as I am learning to hold it, it is frustrating to feel it slowly go. (Before, my balance just wasn't there at all so there wasn't a question of losing my balance as I never hit it in the first place!:) )

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Lolly, very often, a falling off balance is caused by a gradual weakening of the muscles that are keeping your alignment correct in the first place. Fatigue brings this condition on, and nothing save additional practice, practice, practice will keep it from happening in the first place, which prevention is the best cure. Of course, you can catch yourself, but I can't tell you how to do it, because I can't see you and know which direction(s) you're falling off to! The general old cry of the ballet teacher, which is incomplete, but startling enough, is "pull up!!!" (To which I would add "make sure you're connected to the floor - press down, too!";)

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Thank you, that is really helpful! I think the best approach for me is to strengthen the muscles, as I don't know which way I fall either! (In a different direction each time I should think!) Thank you!:)

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