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getting virtual group together for online RAD ballet class and eventually, exams

lily rose

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Hi all,

I’m hoping to get a group of ballet dancers together (advanced beginner-intermediate level +) to meet up virtually and learn the Royal Academy of Dance Grade 6 ballet syllabus. We’ll learn from an accredited RAD teacher and prepare for (optional) ballet exams later on. The combinations and dances are very pretty, dancey, and fun, and I always think it’s great to work towards something like a ballet exam and set specific dance goals. There’s no age limit for RAD, either. A bonus is that meeting virtually means we can all join from anywhere in the world, and connect with other dancers in these difficult times! If you’re potentially interested, comment below 

:) can’t wait to do this and dance with you all!

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, Lily Rose, we're glad you found us. We always invite new members to head over to the Welcome forum, and tell us a little bit about yourself - your dance background and current trainig.

Your post suggests an interesting way of taking advantage of the way we've all moved online to do ballet classes via Zoom and Instagram, and we appreciate your enthusiasm!

However, we don't advise posters advertise their email addresses on the message board in this way, so I've removed your email address. This messageboard has over 10,000 subscribers, and it's not advisable that we have email addresses made public. Once you have 30 substantive posts, you will have the ability to PM (private message) other members - although please remember adult members may not contact Teen members - and you can gather a group that way if you wish. 

In the meantime, people can comment below if they are interested in joining you in setting up an adult RAD class.  

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@Lilly Rose

this sounds like a terrific idea!
i recently completed RAD exams and am interested in your proposal.

the grade 6 syllabus is unchanged so there are youtube videos to refer to.

why don’t you set up a group on Facebook (RAD6Online).

also post your proposal on triple W dot dance dot net



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9 hours ago, StormTrouper said:

the grade 6 syllabus is unchanged so there are youtube videos to refer to

The Grade 6 syllabus has been revised since it was first released with some exercises removed, and others added (mainly for male students).

It is also worth remembering that what you may find on YouTube is not official from the RAD, as the official material is under copyright.

Official syllabus notes and DVD’s are available for purchase online or through the RAD app for anyone to reference.

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And a final point, LilyRose - sorry I forgot to ask in my earlier post - could you clarify whether you're an adult ballet student or a teen student in/out of training?

You made a duplicate post in the Young Dancers section as well as here in the Adult Students' forum. We have a couple of policies about this - we don't permit duplicate postings, and we try to keep the forums pretty focused on the grouping for whom they're intended (plus we have some safeguarding policies about adults contacting teen members of this message board). The aim of these policies is to keep the information we collect & share here accurate, and to ensure the safety of our teen members.

Could you confirm - either here or in your profile?

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On 10/11/2020 at 12:21 AM, Miss Persistent said:

The Grade 6 syllabus has been revised since it was first released

with some exercises removed, and others added (mainly for male students).

It is also worth remembering that what you may find on YouTube is not official from the RAD

Thanks! It is really helpful to learn about these distinctions: “mainly for male students”

I see that there are three publication editions (plus reprintings in which any typos or Benish errata are corrected).

Do the three new editions correspond to changes and modifications to the GED6 syllabus ?

1990 - 1st edn (“first released”)

(1993 - VHS tape on Youtube)

2004 - 2nd edn (1st revision to syllabus?)
2008 - 3rd edn (2nd revision to syllabus?)

2014 - revised 3rd edn (‘new introductory pages’, so I take it no syllabus revisions, i.e. ‘unchanged’ (from 2008))

(NOTE: for GED7 male, the 1st edn was also published in 1990, with a revised 1st edition released in 2015 (‘new cover and introductory pages’))

Since GED classes for adults are rarely available, I am having to resort to a combination of self learning with private instruction, so must depend on syllabus references and video resources for enabling the former.  iPad video playback allows for frame-by-frame stop-action series of images of variation combinations, like flip-book animation.  But unfortunately, so far there has not been the release of a downloadable video app or DVD for female GED6; there is just the app/DVD for male GED6&7.  So the 1993 VHS tape has to suffice 😞  (I recently wrote to RAD Enterprises re: is there any plan to record, produce and release an up-to-date GED6 video.)


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Whilst I have a very good knowledge of RAD syllabus, I unfortunately do not have an encyclopaedic memory of when things were changed or published.  If you desire to know in that much detail, I suggest contacting the library at RAD headquarters as they will be well positioned to help you with your research.  If you are not currently an RAD member able to access the library you should consider joining as they are a wonderful organisation in my opinion. https://www.royalacademyofdance.org/membership/which-membership/

It is also worth remembering that knowledge of syllabus is not part of the marking criteria in RAD exams, rather they actual execution of the steps is marked as per the current specifications https://www.royalacademyofdance.org/exams/specifications-and-syllabus-updates/

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, RENJC. We’re glad you found us.


This thread is now over a year old, and so I suspect the opportunity has passed. We also don’t recommend that you make your email address available (I’ve edited to remove it). If you join in with our community, once you’ve made a number of substantive posts, you’ll have private messaging rights and contact other posters via this message board.

But LilyRose hasn’t made any further posts than the one which started this thread, so I’m not sure if she’s still seeking to set up a Zoom class.

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Hey, I would love this for Grade 4 RAD  (I believe this is the entry level examwise, to adult beginners who have learnt the basics?).

So if your teacher is doing zoom RAD Grade classes please let me know . Or if anyone knows of any teachers :)

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Hi Nini,

Welcome to BT4D and I'm glad you found us.

The RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) Graded Examinations system is designed to build on one grade after another.  There are no entry level or beginner examinations.  Grade 4 assumes you have studied and mastered the content in Grades 1-3.  It is not designed for adult beginners, though a teacher could use it with a group of adult students with some previous training as there are no upper age limits on RAD Examinations.  The RAD offers a range of programs and assessment options which teachers can choose to use within their schools as best fits their needs and circumstances.

It is always preferable to learn ballet in person with a qualified teacher.  Zoom classes can be a great supplement but will never replace real training. 



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Adding my welcome to that of Miss Persistent. 

Nini, if you search this site, particularly the Adult Ballet students sections, you'll see there is a wealth of information about classes for adult beginners. It can depend on where you live, but most large towns & cities in the UK, Europe, and north America will have a studio that offers ballet classes for adults. If you're in a big city, such as New York, or London, you'll be spoiled for choice.

The other thing to do is search the Pre-professional training section here on Ballet Talk for Dancers, on the basis that a good pre-professional studio is likely to have an excellent adult or 'open class' programme. 

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