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Hi, I am seventeen, and I have only taken a few beginner ballet classes.  I love ballet, but it seems like nobody has any hope for me.  I realize I may never become a professional, especially at this age.  I really want to try though, and I want to work hard at it.  I live far from the few ballet studios here though.  Are there any good online options??  I’m really not sure what to do, and I feel like time is running out.  Help!!!!

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, Mena1 - we're glad you found us. Anyone can dance, at any age, but you're right that you need to be realistic about your goals for ballet. It's beautiful, but it's also a very demanding art form.

Maybe part of your challenge is that, at 17, you're too old to dance with the 8-10 year old beginners, but not advanced enough to study with your peers who've been dancing since they were 10. If you can, you might find a friendly adult beginners class, and preferably one which asks for students to enrol for the whole term/semester, so you are dancing with the same people each week, and your teacher can introduce a sequence of exercises which will help you start to understand the basics.

As for online - you need live feedback and what we call 'corrections' - the teacher watching you and reminding you of  how you need to work your body. Please don't try to learn ballet on your own - you will inevitably develop a lot of incorrect habits which you'll then need to correct. Depending on your time zone, you might find the "Absolute Beginner" introductory workshops that big studios such as Steps on Broadway and Broadway Dance Centre are running during this difficult time when the physical studios are closed. 

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