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Hi Everyone,

I'm so thrilled to have found Ballet Talk for Dancers.

I'm an adult beginner, have been taking classes for 1.5 years, but have loved ballet all my life. Never thought I'd like DOING it, it looked like hard work and I have poor balance and am not at all flexible. BUT I LOVE IT! I love the feeling when coordination is on, of moving quickly and lightly across the floor, of stretching, and moving to music.

I came to this website after falling when doing a pirouette and cracking a bone in my elbow, so a bit nervous now re: pirouettes. But I found some good tips online about preparing for pirouettes, and will build up the basics very carefully (being able to rise on demi-pointe without toppling, passe without toppling, keeping turned out, keeping core strong), and then will practice just 1/4 turns until I feel really steady.

I'm super lucky to have a fantastic teacher: she danced professionally in Spain and Germany, and is both rigorous about correct form (and explains why) as well as really fun and supportive. She's taught a morning barre every weekday (online) since Covid began, and all of us students have gotten a lot better.

Looking forward to reading all the great thoughts and info that are in this website!

Cream Crowdie


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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, CreamCrowdie. We're glad you found us.

I hope you're enjoying the sections devoted to adult ballet students - we understand the love of & joy in learning this beautiful art. And I loved your finding of a silver lining in the awfulness of COVID. Like you, I have teachers who switched to Zoom, and I do more ballet classes now than I did pre-pandemic. It is always possible to learn & improve.

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