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I was just wondering how exactly is a fouette done? I've seen them done on stage before by the more advanced students, but I've never actually done one myself. It seems to involve a whip of the leg or hip or something... but what exactly is behind all of it?





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Lauren, I'm assuming you are asking about fouetté turns. These are done by whipping the working leg from front to side in the plié and up to the relevé pirouette. The preparation, or learning process at the barre, is to plié in a low developpé devant, stay in the plié and rond de jambe the leg to the side, and then relevé to the retiré position. Once this action is understood, then you add the turn in the retiré position. In the center you then connect these turns into consecutive relevé actions, and you have fouettés! There is also a method of doing them without the front extension and just opening to the side and coming in and up to the turn. This one lacks the whipping of the leg from front to side, and uses only the side to retiré.

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