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Ballet Slippers?

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  1. 1. Ballet Slippers?

    • Leather Full Sole
    • Leather Split Sole
    • Canvas Full Sole (is there such a thing?)
    • Canvas Split Sole

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Guest BBNButterscotch



Just wondering what kind of ballet slippers everyone here prefers and why.... I currently use Bloch Leather Full Soles, but I am thinking about switching to Split Soles... what do you prefer?



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I'm currently using Bloch canvas split soles, my first after years of leather full soles. I like that you can get a better arch with the splits without over-gripping your muscles, which I think I was doing with the fulls, and I think the canvas molds better to the foot's shape than leather. I recently misplaced my canvas shoes and in a rush grabbed some old leather full-soles to wear in class, and they worked out fine. So maybe it's all in my head!

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I kind of like the way leather looks, but unfortunately I have found that leather creates too much friction on the surface of salles I take classes in. So it's canvas for me. I wear split soles, but I think that's more because I'm used to doing so, not out any real preference. I don't have much experience on full soles, anyway.

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I've always worn split-sole shoes, mainly because I like the way they hug the arch. My preference so far is for canvas Sanshas, though they wear out pretty fast, and I prefer the look of leather. I've just bought some leather Gambas that seem great though - I think these will be my preferred shoe now.

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I wear Sansha's canvas split soles, because they are the only shoe the local shops stock in a size that fits me. (I have a short foot that is wide across the metatarsal area.)



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I also like the sansha canvas split soles. I like how they fit my arch, and they don't squeeze my toes! :) I recently bought a pair of capezio leather split soles, thinking they might fit my foot shape a bit better, and would stretch to conform to my toes, but I don't like them - too constricting.

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Right now I am wearing leather split soles. I seem to stick to the floor a lot at my current studio. I am probably going to switch to canvas next time, I've never used canvas slippers before.

Also, I have heard that wearing a full sole works your foot a bit more, so I will probably go to a full sole, any little bit will help.

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I like canvas split sole, esp. Bloch. But now I'm wearing a leather split sole, Capezio Gold Prima, with a padded insole. It feels good! I think my feet need a little more support. I tried deshanked pointe shoes (probably not an option for men), but they are too slippery w/out rosin for demi-pointe work.

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I like Bloch split-sole leather and Sansha split-sole canvas. I don't have a very curved arch, so the split sole makes my foot look better. I usually wear the canvas for regular practice because they can be washed easily, but I think the leather look nicer and more traditional for stage.

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I like canvas split soles. I have several pairs, mostly Sansha. Some I use on wood floors and use rosin on them. There are two I use only on marley and will not put rosin on them at all. I have one pair of Russian Pointe canvas split soles. They're a bit narrow but I love how they look on my feet -- wore them through all of Richmond except at the perfromance. They're a bit costly but they look so good. In Richmond, Pedro, Will and I sat down one day in the hall and went on and on about how we love the Russian Pointes for this reason and that reason... It could have been a bit too much for a normal person. :)

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I go with Sansha split sole canvas, mainly because it's the first shoe that the clerk suggested when I asked what I would be needing for my first ballet lesson a year ago (feels like a lifetime!). My first pair (15 W) was a little too big, and my second pair (14 M) is a little small, so now I've ordered a pair of 15 M. If they don't feel right, I guess I'll have to look into a different brand. I prefer the look of canvas over leather.

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I wear Sansha canvas split sole too! They are great, you can just keep throwing them in the washing machine! I have several pairs, I ususally have a few pairs in my bag and decide which I want to wear just before class - I know they are all the same but they are different too! I have different pairs for different floors too. I usually have pink but I do have a white pair which are my absolute favourite - I got them when I was feeling rebellious! (My school has a uniform)


I used to wear Gamba canvas split soles but I much prefer Sansha now. I like the squidgy blue bit under the heel. And they don't cover so much of my foot as the Gambas - the Gambas have a long "vamp" section I think. And the heel always felt like it would fall off. None of those problems with Sansha! I think you have to be lucky that thye will fit you as there are no half sizes.


My teacher would rather I wore leather or satin with ribbons.

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