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Pique Arabesque

Guest joodiff

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Guest joodiff

Hi all,


I would like to seek your advice on the following :-


How can one hit one's balance in a pique arabesque and keep it there after a quick pas couru?


My teacher was giving us this combination at the centre a few weeks ago and I kept toppling over my supporting leg after running!


Eg. Pique arabesque, pas couru,Pique arabesque,pas couru......


Thanks in advance!

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You have to cut each steps into separate ones: the couru, then the piqué. Try them separately, then add them together, slowly, then at the normal pace... What you tend to do if you do them quickly without the balance, is to still run and do the arabesque with the same 'forward' action... It should be down (to prick the floor) or rather, up... But not forward...

If there is a linking step, use it to stop yourself from falling forward... If there isn't, then do the couru quickly, then only the piqué. :)

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Before I take a lick at this one, what's happening when you try to do the piqué arabesque now? Do you fall back, or front, or do you start to topple to the side? (Toppling can go in so many directions!)

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You have to come OFF the pas corru in a good demi plié and push to the piqué FROM the plié. If the piqué arabesque is on the right leg, then come off the corru on the left leg in plié :) People often forget that a piqué action comes FROM a demi plié action.

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Guest piccolo

When I'm at home, I practice pique arabeque in isolation. Start with the demi plie and push to pique arabesque and STAY. If you're falling back, push more. If you're falling forward, push less. If you are falling sideways, make sure your torso and arabesque leg are lined up straight. Then, once you find that you are "on," try the exercise again with pas couru.

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Guest joodiff

Hi All!


Thank you for your responses! Will definitely try it out conscienciously (spelling?) and slowly. :)


Major, the problem is, I keep toppling to the front during the pique arabesque. I think it's because I either propel myself with too much strength when running or push myself forward too much when doing the pique. Or maybe the problem is made worse cos I try to raise my working leg up too high as well. Any advice?



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OK, that's fine. I was wondering whether you were falling out to the side, or even straight down on top of the leg!:eek:


The above suggestions will work just fine for you. What you have to do in the pas couru is remember to stop, and not let the momentum of the little run carry you off. Of course, this stop has to be accomplished without looking like you've stopped, so there's the trick that's involved.

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