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Help with splits and fouettes


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I am the best in my level and want to move up because I feel that my combinations are too easy. I still get very sore after class because I put all of my heart and soul into making those moves perfection. If I move up to advanced then my splits must be achieved (all three(middle left and right )) I also need to get better at my pirouettes. On my right side I can barely do a double and on my left side i can do quadruples. I have my fouettes on my left side and cant get them on my right side! Does anyone have any advice?


One more thing, does anyone know any great stretches for my turn out. i have not danced in a while and my turn out is not as good. Neither is my flexibility.

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Hi there Beela-1107 and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. I do apologise for the delay in getting back to you!  Please go over to the welcome forum and introduce yourself so that we can learn a little bit about you!  There is a wealth of knowledge of this forum and I do encourage you to look around and read up on old threads to jumpstart your learning!  Here is a good place to start with regards to your turnout question:

Rotation and Turnout

Splits are a process, and you simply need to keep working at them.  There is no "quick fix".  Always make sure you're stretching while warm, and do remember that as you grow, you may periodically go through periods of tightness, as bones grow more quickly than muscles.  As to pirouettes, a lot of the time it is a mental thing.  One thing to look for when doing multiple turns is your rhythm; all the turns need to be in the same rhythm in order to do them consistently.  Without seeing you, it's hard to tell what's going on, so pay attention to the corrections you are getting from your teacher(s)!  Are you unable to get enough momentum?  Are you falling out of the turn?  Analyze it and then you'll have an idea of how to proceed forward.  Take the time now in the level you are at to work things.  Remember that ballet is not just tricks or steps; take the "easy" combinations and work on your artistry and musicality; it's often easier to work at these things when you aren't also trying to remember what comes next in a complicated sequence.  

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