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Hi Everyone:

I am am new to the listserv and looking for information on pre-college summer programs with a strong ballet focus.  My understanding is that USC hosts the Paul Taylor Summer Intensive at USC's Kaufman School.  I am wondering if this is affiliated with the university?

 I have done some preliminary research and it appears that the University of Indiana also has a summer intensive.  Has anyone had any experience with these programs or know where I can locate a list of other programs.

In navigating the site, how can I find information on Indiana and other dance programs at the university level?

Many thanks!

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Temps de cuisse

University of Utah has a summer intensive program also. The best way to find information is to visit the university/college website and find the link to the Dance Dept.

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Many universities have summer intensive programs, I think Point Park, Alvin Ailey (they do the Fordham program), and UNCSA also have programs.  You can find information on the summer programs under the Summer Intensives heading.  Most of the summer programs are listed in the 2020/2021 Summer Intensive forum. Threads for each SI are listed in alphabetical order, the programs at universities are mixed in with the other summer intensives.  To find information for the year round programs at universities, look in the forum Colleges/Universities with Ballet or Dance Programs..., found under the Career and Dance Education heading.  The colleges/universities are also listed in alphabetical order. 

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My dd has attended the intensive at IU. She said it’s the best summer intensive she has ever attended (including 3 letter ones). The faculty includes all of their year round instructors from the university program and the dancers take 5 classes a day. It’s a small program so there is a lot of personalized attention. The training is very intense and includes a tremendous amount of pointe work. At night they have lectures from the faculty. 

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My daughter has also attended the IU summer intensive (sadly, this past summer was via Zoom) and it's been one of her favorites.  When she was on campus the prior summer, it was also a wonderful opportunity to experience the campus and meet current teachers and students (RAs). 

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