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"Tiny Pretty Things" Netflix

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Yes, I read the book. Excited to see they made a show but just went on line to read about the show and it seems they changed a lot of the plot and the characters so we will see!

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Just a heads-up to parents that their is some strong sexual content in the first episode. I sat down last night with my 14 year old to watch the first episode of "Tiny Pretty Things". I assumed it would be PG-13, similar to Riverdale. In the first 30 minutes there was an extremely graphic oral sex scene between two ballet students that made both me and my daughter very uncomfortable. We watched another few minutes then both decided the show wasn't for us.  In addition, the extreme bullying, racism, and sexualization of dancers depicted in the first 30 minutes was hard to watch. Definitely pre-view this series if you are considering watching with a younger or more emotionally sensitive dancer.

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DD, a professional, was asked to audition for one of the main characters. When she received the script, she immediately turned it down for all of the reasons above.

 If one takes a moment to read up about the writers and producers, it's no surprise this type of thing gets sanctioned. Yet another example that epitomizes why this art form continues to be marginalized.

I would discourage young dancers specifically.


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I only watched the first episode, I heard it wasn’t a very good show, but I assumed it would be an entertaining train wreck the way Emily in Paris was.

But honestly it was very concerning. The main character is in her underwear for a physio appointment, who does that? There are many sexual scenes between characters in the first episode that look like they should be encounters between adults, but the characters are supposed to be teenagers. The nudity and sexual content makes me uncomfortable because they are supposed to be younger and it just seems so weird.

Not to mention none of the characters talk like real people! The school AD litterally tells a cop to “degage” instead of “leave”😂, two characters are having a intimate physical moment and one character is asking another how he works out to get a certain muscle, one (male) character picks some pointe shoes off a shelf and says to another character “these look like they will fit you perfectly” and they do! Honestly it’s just so so strange. 

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Oh my goodness!!! I watched the first episode yesterday alone during my cardio workout. I am so glad I didn't have my DD (15) watch with me. I kind of expected a cross between Center Stage/Dance Academy/Pretty Little Liars kind of combination. I put it more in the Black Swan category if not more graphic. I did notice the MA(mature audience) rating at the beginning, but didn't expect to see the serious graphic nature/nudity. Why oh why would they include that? 

KitriDC, your comment about watching this with your DD  made me remember being absolutely mortified watching the movie The Turning Point in the theaters with my mother when I was about 10 years old. The "bedroom" scene made us both want to slide under our seats. I cannot imagine watching the "mature" scenes in this series with my teenage daughter. I was trying to figure out how old the dancers are supposed to be. Still in high school? Post grad? Regardless, it was pretty offensive to me.


However, I did enjoy the the dancing in most of the first episode. I liked the pas de deux where the main character is dancing to the music I believe is from the dream scene of "Nutcracker". Our Nuts doesn't use that portion of it, but I believe NYCB does and possibly other productions do as well. I think the lead dancer has a very nice artistic and musical quality. It's too bad they had to make the episode so graphic for no reason, but I did enjoy most of the dancing.


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I am on episode 2, guys. My daughter is 23 and dances in another state so I can watch this if I want. Definitely not for kids -- it is way more graphic than most things on Netflix, let alone ballet. I will probably finish this episode and then give it a pass. The cast is attractive. They are also naked much of the time -- and not implied nudity -- full on. I don't have a problem with that, but even without it being likely too mature for dance students, it isn't that great of a story.

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I watched part of Episode one yesterday.  Hadn't read the book, therefore I hadn't known that there is a death the first couple of minutes in and the story just goes downhill from there.  The characters of students in the major roles are supposed to be 16-17.  That was mentioned in between the physio appointment in underwear and the first sex scene between students.  Honestly.

There is a choreographic assistant connected with the National Ballet of Canada who did some choreography for the show - he posted this on his social media recently.  I hope he watches the series and then removes mention of this from his social media...

Not a show I would want young dancers to see.  

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I'm on episode 3 now. This is a terrible show, starting at its core with the writing. I'm still watching because some of it was filmed in my city and I'm keeping an eye out for people and places I know....

The accompanist for the school classes with the big white hair, "Richard"? Actually a fabulous accompanist named Richard. I've spotted at least one dancer I know in an extra role, too. One of the locations they've used a lot is a music conservatory that has a gorgeous atrium and concert hall, and I may have gotten a bit teary seeing the inside of it after it being quiet and closed for so many months. 

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Probably not worth it for that reason. There's lots of footage in/outside of the RCM, and I spotted the Carlu and the basketball courts at Ramsden Park... I can't think of anything else that stood out so far. 

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