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"Tiny Pretty Things" Netflix

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I've finished five episodes, it's much better when you start viewing it as a comedy and something to mock.  I would have enjoyed it much more if I'd started thinking of it like that.

The writing is bad, the directing is bad, the acting is bad, the dancing is fine.  But it's so bad that it's humorous once you start looking at it that way.  The backstory for the main character that we get in episode five is the most cliche thing you've ever seen and it doesn't even make sense.

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The ballet is not good.

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I only watched the first episode and I thought it was awful and the choreography bad. Not watching any more.

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The only thing I enjoyed about this show was the ballet studio fashions - I looked for the ballet clothing my dancer already owned or pieces I recognized. 😂

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I couldn't make it past the 2nd episode. So trite and terribly written and acted. UGH


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I've had it on in the background of post-Christmas housework! It's Gossip Girl or similar soap operas, set in a ballet school. It's not really about ballet... Full of all the clichés of artistic temperament, struggling artists from poor backgrounds, etc etc etc etc ad nauseam. 

I didn't notice the rating (no children in this house) but certainly not suitable for under 18s, I'd have thought!

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