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Newbie here


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Hi, found this forum more than 6 month ago and time from time look here to find info I need, but I though that if I love dancing, and when have a free time I am studing it, I should to be a part of this community.

And also wanna ask you sometimes dancing really hard for me cos I am not much of athlete and not flexible enough, what are you do to improuve it?


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Hi also I also newbie here but welcome here😀.

And about second part of your post should say that for me more than enough some usual exercises and going to gym, but it's better to find a coach to help you create comfortable programm, but my close friend for my flexibility recommend to go some pilates studio, every time I see him tells me how well is ladolce studio, but not sure about it's name, I trust him but pilates is not for me, though you can try it https://www.ladolcestudio.co.uk/

But my oppinion is good cardio training in the gym once a week and every morning exercise and stretching is more than enough

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Miss Persistent

Hi JojThomas,

Welcome to BT4D, I’m glad you found us.

if you ask me, the best way to get in shape and better at ballet, is to get into class! Yes, there are other things that will compliment your ballet training, but nothing will ever replace regular class.

Most people find conditioning exercises and stretching at home enough to begin with a extras outside of ballet.  There is no need to spend huge amounts of time or money on personal training or coaches if you are just starting. Find a good teacher and take classes regularly.

As for what and how to exercise outside of class in your own, just start researching and start trying different things. There is a wealth of information online and in books that will get you started.

Best of luck!

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