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Guest BBNButterscotch

Well, today was my second pointe class. It was still really exciting... but, I got a blister this time. We were doing TONS of pointe work at the barre- and I especially had to work hard on sissones on pointe... and one of my toes kept rubbing weird against the lambs wool and the shoe, and voila- a blister. It hurt. But I still love being on pointe!

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Guest ducklingdance

ouch ouch. that sounds painful. i never do any pointe works before. but i supposed it would feel great. i always felt, doing ballet and never reaching the stage where i can do pointe is a waste. it feels like i was learning ballet at all.


but how do u contiune next lesson with the bliter still there?

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Sorry to hear about the blister...I have some helpful advice... Try 2nd Skin "Moist Burn Pads" by Spenco. You can find it in almost every pharmacy in the first aid or burn section. Its actually made to help burns, but applied to a blister it will help it heal 3 times as fast, has a cooling action that takes away the pain if applied right before pointe class. I've used it for years whenever I get a blister, and just cover it with either a bandaid or athletic tape after applying it over the blister, then I can't feel the blister at all when I dance...hope it works!

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Just to let you know, I follow my own advice about blister treatment, and everything's fine. About three weeks ago, I got a blister from working in some badly-fitted (street) shoes. I immediately cleaned the area, and let it dry thoroughly, then sterilized the field with rubbing alcohol. Before I put on a different pair of shoes the next morning, I cleaned the area as before, and put a dab of Neosporin cream on it, to guard against infection then covered with a small sterile dressing, a band-aid. After about three days, the fluid in the blister was reabsorbed by the body, but the baggy skin was still left, as it was under a callus. I just kept cleaning the field morning and night every day and making sure that I had clean socks(!), and this week the skin of the former blister opened and rolled right off. Underneath was a stout, sound layer of skin, ready for anything!:) The next time I wear those safety boots, I'll wear a layer of tape or moleskin to keep friction off the area, and so prevent a new blister from forming!

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Your right the best way to treat a blister is to leave the old skin on top if it is still there. I should have specified that usually if I do get a blister from rubbing in a pointe shoe, the top layer of skin is already ripped off and the blister is open. That's why the second skin works so great for me, because it mimics what the old layer of skin would do if it was still there. It covers the new skin and keeps it soft until it is ready to stand on its own.

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