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Pointe Magazine - discontined

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I recently realized that we haven't received the winter edition of Pointe magazine, which is usually devoted to summer programs, so I emailed to check on our subscription.  Here is the reply I received today (below). Last year, I realized I couldn't log into the digital version and was told they had moved to print only, so I'm thinking Pointe magazine might be completely discontinued. That makes me sad. Hopefully, Dance magazine will truly expand their content. We already subscribe to Dance and it's not nearly as relevant to classical ballet usually.

Reply from Pointe Magazine Customer Service:

Thank you for your support of Pointe Magazine. Due to current business conditions we’ve made the difficult decision to cease publishing Pointe Magazine print edition. The Fall issue was the last issue you’ll receive. Print subscribers like you will now receive Dance Magazine in its place. You’ll receive three copies of Dance Magazine for every issue of Pointe Magazine remaining in your subscription starting with the January issue of Dance magazine so you will receive more content. Dance will be expanding content relevant to ballet. If you are already a Dance subscriber, we will extend your sub, so you still get the value and don’t have to worry about renewing.

Thank you for subscribing with us.

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What sad news! Many paper magazines have gone away in the last few years. Very sad to see this go as well.  When my dancer was of the SI age, we also looked forward to the winter issue. 

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@MelissaGA That's our favorite issue. They told me their digital version was discontinued last year. I am hopeful that they still maintain their website/content.

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That is so sad. While DD11 is too young to go to away SIs she enjoyed reading about the ones she might attend in the future.

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That's upsetting. At least they are trying to reimburse with Dance Magazine. That's another one of my favorites. Maybe they'll do a SI section in Dance next year. 

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