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Intermediate Foundation for Adult - experiences and thoughts


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Hi all, I'd love to hear people's experiences of intermediate foundation as an adult - in particular the dreaded free enchainment, all experiences welcome though!  Any thoughts of exam experiences and reflections would be warmly welcomed!  ❤️

I noticed there was an old thread on Intermediate foundation as well.  I just finished rad discovering repertoire 2 exam and my teacher has advised me that I'm ready to move onto int found.  I'm nervous about pointe work and enchainment and my centre needs a lot of polishing.  Would love to hear any thoughts about the exams you've had as an adult.  

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, Tullulah. I hope you'll find some fellow RAD examinees to share experiences here!

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Hi Tullulah,

There is no need to "dread" the free enchainement!  The whole process can seem scary, but it is actually quite straight forward, and forewarned is forearmed! 

Speak with your teacher about it as a first point of call, but do remember - the Examiner is not "out to get you" or to deliberately try and trick you.  Your teacher should have information from the syllabus and from the publication Focus on Exams.

You have your three focal steps (Assembles, Sissones, and Jete ordinaire).  You will get at least two variations of one focal step.  For example, jete ordianire devant and derriere OR assemble devant and under.  You will not get all three focal steps in the same exercise.

Your focal step will be combined with whatever appropriate linking steps needed (again, those steps can be found in the syllabus). And you will be given an 8 count sequence, to be repeat 4 times (Right side, left side, right side, left side).

The more calm you can be, the easier you will find the process.  I tell my students it is ok to politely ask for clarification if you need help.  And if all else fails - I sing my students the song Dory sings in the movie Finding Nemo - "Just keep jumping, just keep jumping!".  As long as you are moving, the examiner can mark something.  The moment you stop, you give them nothing to base a mark on.  So.... "Just keep jumping, just keep jumping, just keep jumping, jumping, jumping!"


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I took the Intermediate Foundation examination in 2012 at the age of 32 (together with 12 and 13 year old girls, but who cares). It was a lovely experience. 

Miss Persistent is entirely right. No examiner is against you. First of all they understand that students are nervous, regardless of age. They will be impressed by an adult's determination to take the exam. That is really not a given. Adult exam takers are generally a rarity. The examiner will look to give you marks where they can.

So all I can say is, know the work and apply the corrections your teacher gives you, don't think it's an exam, and "perform" this whole class with joy.

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