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Guest Lolly

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I got Distinction for my RAD Grade 6! 70%... how cool is that?;) I got 6/10 for technique, 5/5 for musicality, 4/5 for performance, 3/5 for free movement, 4/5 for character and 6/10 for the classical dance.


So anyone who started ballet late like me and are doing syllabus classes, take the exam if you can - it was scary but I am so glad I did it! I feel justified in all the time and money I put into ballet now I did well. I know exams don't mean much in the grand scheme of dancing but I am so pleased...:)


I am going to post on the Brag Board now - now I finally have something to brag about! Yay!:cool:

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Congratulations Lolly! I failed it the first time I tried it. They might be the exams for the recreational dancers but they are still very difficult to pass, let alone get a good mark in!:) :) :)

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Thank you Kate! I didn't have any idea of what mark I would get, of course I wanted the top mark but I had no idea what the exam experience would be like and how good you have to be to get merit, commended or distinction. I start Grade 7 on Monday - it's exciting!


I am glad you passed your exam too!:)

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Guest beckster

Congrats again Lolly. I'm determined to follow in your footsteps and have a go at Grade 6. If my plan A (get a job) doesn't work out, then maybe I'll be able to take the exam in November. I'd be happy with a 40% pass ;) I think a mark like yours is way beyond me :) :) :)

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Thank you Beckster! Yes do take the exam! If you do get a job, does that mean you can't take Grade 6 at all, or will it just take a bit longer?


I had no idea I would get 70, believe me! (I think my teacher was surprised too, she said we had a tough examiner):)

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Congratulations, Lolly!


I wish there were exams for adult dancers in Finland, but no such luck...:)

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Guest beckster

Lolly, the deal is that I'm interviewing for a job tomorrow (including giving a 1 hour seminar - argh). That's in London, and as Kate has already proved, it's hard to find syllabus classes there. If I don't get it, I'm staying here until Christmas which means I can continue with my current teacher and if I'm good enough, have a crack at the exam. Hope this isn't getting too chatty so I won't say more :)

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Congratulations, Lolly - just passing the exam would have been impressive enough, but a distinction's brilliant! How long have you been dancing, if I might ask? I can take the Cecchetti elementary exam at my school, but I'm expecting it to be a good few years before I'm ready!

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Thank you everyone! I started ballet 4 years ago but it is only in the past 18 months I have been taking more than one or two classes a week. It has gradually increased to 7... :( I took Primary and Grade 1 BATD exams, then spent a year in Grade 5 RAD but that was just before they changed the age rule so I couldn't do that exam. And I was in Grade 6 for 2 years.


Beckster, good luck with the interview! If you don't get the job, at least you get to take the ballet exam so all is not lost!;)

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