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My DD who will be 12 in June was accepted into the 2 week in-person YDP at Ballet West. They are doing an excellent job I hear with keeping it safe during the pandemic - taking all safety measures and precautions. I understand it is their 2nd year running this program for ages 10-13. Daughter will be on pointe one year this coming June. Does anyone know if the YDP has levels and if pointe work is included in some levels? We want to make sure it is challenging enough and must respond soon to keep her spot.

How does it compare to ABT YDW (which my daughter found to be very easy last year, with a high acceptance rate)? She also got into ABT Summer Intensive this year, but I think they will be online so technically she can do both programs. ABT will notify in April if you are invited to in-person. Thank you!

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My 11 year old son is auditioning for Ballet West YDP as we speak (2/7 in Los Angeles-South). I, too would be interested in hearing how this program compares with others. He has been accepted to other programs and will attend one other in the early part of the summer but can ALSO attend this one. (@Cosmo7: this son also did ABT YDW virtual last summer and has declined ABT again this summer b/c virtual; we are very interested in finding in-person places for him this time around).

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Hi Cosmo7,

I sent an email inquiring about pointe class also.  They emailed me back and told that there will be a  “daily pre-pointe/pointe/variations class for those who are ready for it.”

Hope that helps!


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