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Most of the time it happens that when I am practicing something by myself, let's say, pique arabesque, that I am able to balance much longer and have much better form than when I do the excerise. I always manage to pull off my triple piruoettes when no one is watching, but never when I am doing an excercise for a teacher. It seems like I can be marking something and strike a perfect balance, and then when I go to do the excercise, I mess it up. Why is that? I want to do things perfectly in the excercise, when it really counts!!!! :)

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Your problem is that you're bringing on your own form of stage fright called "performance anxiety". You become tense, and everything you want to turn out, doesn't. Relax. Don't hold your breath during class. Don't tense up. The teacher is your friend, and perfection is not demanded all the time. It's an eventual goal. You should do as well as possible, but not at the expense of your own peace of mind. Lighten up!:)

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ok thanks! My dance teacher has been really on me about relaxing since I started to dance. I has gotten better, but I still suffer from that "performance anxiety" and tension. That is probably my biggest goal for the year when my classes begin again on Tuesday. I know I have these things I have trouble with in me because I can do them when I'm not thinking and no one is around. I'm really my own worst enemy. I'm really going to work on just loosening up this year! :)

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