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Guest Medora

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I know that different ballet schools teach many different styles, such as Balanchine, Vagonava, or just purely classical (not really stylized). All of my life I have taken at one of those purely classical or not so stylized schools. I know that it is good to experience many different styles and that it is good to audition to many summer programs and keep your options open, but when you have to eventually decide where you will go, shouldn't you take what style they teach and what styes you like into consideration? For instance, I do not really care for Balanchine, but instead love the classical works like Swan Lake. So does that mean that a balanchine school may not be for me?

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It might, but remember there are Balanchine schools and Balanchine schools, and one of ABT's best sources of entry-level corps dancers is the School of American Ballet.


The aim of all methods is to produce a whole and complete dancer, without regard to stylistic or personal affectations or flaws. Which one(s) you use on your journey through the academics of ballet will remain up to you, ultimately, but all have some good things to offer.

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ok so then at this point I really shouldn't worry about it too much. I just want to be able to work with any company and be adaptable, and I didn't know if Balanchine schools develop more stylized dancers than adaptable ones.

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