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Ballet Chicago Updated Information on Academic Schools

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My DD (14) is currently taking online classes at Ballet Chicago and has had a wonderful experience with the program.  We're starting to think about how she can continue with BC in the fall, hopefully in the studio. We do not live in Chicago, but my job is relatively portable, and I may be able to move with DD next year so she can (hopefully) take in-person classes.  She'll be starting high school, and I'm trying to get an idea of what our options are. This thread hasn't been active since 2018. I wonder if anyone in Chicago and/or familiar with the city can talk about what some current options are. I've done some research on online high school programs, but we would like to have DD attend in-person school, at least for a few hours a day. 

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You can ask me anything. I have 2 kids in Chicago Public Schools and I’m a former CPS teacher. 
I think you may have missed the date for testing in to one of the selective enrollment schools but you can check on the GoCPS website. If you do not get into a selective enrollment, you have to be careful about where you live-because that will determine the school she can attend-and there are only a few good neighborhood high schools. 

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Illinois has extremely flexible homeschooling laws that allow you to enroll part time at your neighborhood school and complete other requirements at home or online (and actual requirements are pretty minimal). Technically your child would be a graduate of the “private school” you run, but with credits/grades from any accredited institutions you use. Lots of websites out there explaining the laws. This wouldn’t work with the selective enrollment CPS schools, but I understand it works with open enrollment public schools in the city and suburbs, and you would identify schools and target your housing accordingly. 

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LadyBug13 & katesy2 -- thank you so much! This is very helpful information. 

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