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Starting ballet again?


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I recently started ballet again as a young adult after taking several years off. I'm not super serious about it, I'm just taking class twice a week-- not trying to be a professional or anything lol. I'm just wondering though about weight and the ballet dancer?

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The moderators will take away the details but they don't actually matter.    If you happen to lose weight as you dance more, that's fine.  If you happen to gain weight as you dance more, that's also fine.  If you're very thin or average or plus-size, you can still be a terrific dancer.  I'm a "fat ballerina" (middle-aged too) and it's all good.

Yes, professionals have different standards (and they aren't always healthy ones either) and also some constraints like being lifted and such.  I won't address that.  But for adults dancing for pleasure (or even for community performance), your weight is 100% irrelevant.  What matters is your ability to dance safely (and if you perform, to dance well) and weight doesn't matter for that with very very few exceptions.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, New2Ballet. And to the Adult Students forum.

I've edited your post & title because we do not encourage discussions around 'ideal weight' and we do not allow specific details of someone's height/weight - for obvious reasons around general health and well-being for dancers. Young dancers can read this section of the board, and there is already too much pressure on young people regarding body image (especially young girls). 

I'm going to lock this thread, but I wanted to leave BalletFamily's excellent response to your question, and her sensible comments about the reality for adult dancers and recreational dancers. And also to say that ideas are changing (slowly) in the professional world as well, as recent articles on ballet dancers in lockdown are showing. Stephen Macrae (Principal at the Royal Ballet) has been speaking about this as well.

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