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Do you think it's possible to become adequate at turning whilst wearing a mask? The reason I ask is because I dance in a costume that includes wearing a mask that cuts out like 70 percent of my vision, and since one of the main key elements to master turning is spotting... well, I just want to get a second opinion before I embark on a long and difficult endeavour at trying to do essentially the impossible...

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Interesting, how long do you have until your performance? I would say it should be possible. After all, you could be turning on a stage and looking out into the dark audience, you can’t really see anything worth spotting. I’m sure spotting so much about physically seeing something as it is about maintaining control of the turn. So as long as the mask leaves your head movement unrestricted then I think it should be possible. 

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To me that question is a bit 'how long is a piece of string...' because there are so many factors involved.  Can you already turn confidently without a mask? What kind of turns are we talking about? Chaines or a menage verses just a pirouette are two different kettles of fish etc.  I would say that if you struggle to turn without a mask, it's not going to improve by practicing with a mask on.  If you can turn confidently already then it's probably not a big deal - dancers have to wear masks onstage from time to time and you would just need to adapt.  If it's a actually a headpiece - as in an animal head type mask or something then that also affects your centre of gravity and turning speed.

My take on it would be that if you have difficulty consistently and confidently executing whatever the choreography is without a mask - that needs to be mastered before adding any extra variables!

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