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How do I get my splits?

Maddie L

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Maddie L

I am an intermediate dancer and am the only one in my class that cannot do the splits. I really want to be able to get all three of my splits but can never seem to find the right stretches? Any tips?

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Welcome MaddieL. I just realized this is your 2nd post. Please find your way to the Welcome Forum to give us a brief introduction to your interests in ballet. It is wonderful that you found Ballet Talk for Dancers. There is a lot of wonderful material in our Forums. It will be most helpful if you would search a bit to familiarize yourself with all that we have to offer. We would like to know how long you have been studying ballet, how many days a week you study ballet, how many other dance forms do you study and what your goals are in ballet. Please do not leave any personal information.

As for the splits, they are not a more important aspect of the study of ballet. The best I can offer in terms of suggestions is to practice everyday after your ballet class. I am sure, if you ask your ballet teacher will be happy to help you with a few exercises tailored to your needs in this area. Make sure your knees are straight. Hold your back up tall and most of all, be careful. Over doing this stretch can be very dangerous. You should do it at first being monitored by an adult who is able to see what you are doing and give helpful hints. All the best with this goal.

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Maddie L

Thank you! I just checked out the Welcome Forum and posted and introduction. The advice is very helpful. Thanks again!

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