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Ready to move away again, fingers crossed

Derin's Mom

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We had texted a lot 2 years ago about homesickness of my DD, who was 14 then and had a very difficult time in Paris. We had made the decision of her to come back, and then hit Covid and she had some time on her own to think about being away, how and when she'd be ready etc. The trauma of the homesickness and cultural differences are finally resolved, by some proffessional help as well.

She is accepted to Dutch National Ballet Academy this time and hopefully will be moving in at the end of this summer, if everything goes well.

I am curious if there are any parents out there who have DKs there.

Thanks x

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I can’t help you on the Dutch National Ballet, but wanted to offer my congratulations to your daughter and you! How exciting!

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Hi Derins Mum. This is great to hear because my son is starting at DNBA this August too! He was accepted after doing virtual YAGP and is super thrilled because it was his first choice and has always been his dream school. It would be lovely to contact you then our children would at least know each other. Son is going into the Associate Degree program. I have booked him into the Student Hotel Amsterdam City. Where is your daughter going to live?  

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