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Foot - Ankle Problem

Guest Lola_Doggy

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Guest Lola_Doggy

I guess my body is going downhill.


I have a foot/ankle related question, my appt with the Dr. is not for another week so I’m wondering if anyone has any clues as to what I’m experiencing.


It’s to do with my right foot, if I stretch my foot using my own muscle power such that my toes are pointed i.e. pointe tendu front, I experience a pain along right top side of my foot which starts at the base joints of my toes and extends to just below my ankle joint. It happens at the end of the stretch of the foot, i.e. when my toes are fully pointed, and not before.


In addition, the ‘quality’ (for want of a better word) of the subsequent arch that is formed is significantly worse than it used to be.


If I apply weight and press down i.e. forced arch on pointe second, then my foot continues to go over to where it used to be. I do not however experience any pain when doing this. Interestingly enough my right foot now seems to noticeably wider than my left but does not appear to be swollen in any way. I have heard it said that the more you dance the wider your feet get, I’m not sure how much truth there is in that statement.


There are no externally visible signs of damage and this is the only situation whereby I experience discomfort, i.e. eleve to demi in any position is also fine. It just seems to be when gravity plays no part in the pointing of the foot.


This has not happened suddenly, it seems to have been progressing for some time, it’s now at a point where I notice it all the time.





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Sounds to me like you've overstretched the top soft tissues of the foot, and they're letting you know about it. Give them a rest, and wait for the doctor's word on it. Ice to minimize further damage.

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