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Searching for Mental Health Coach


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I am in need of a coach to work with my daughter. She is 12 years old, and needs guidance on a toxic dancer, and toxic teachers. 

I’ve been searching online and on Instagram. I’m comfortable with Zoom or telephone. 

We know we have to leave, but that won’t happen for three weeks, and she has an immediate need for a toolbox to get through these next couple of weeks. 
Thank you!

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I think any counselor skilled in dealing with teen issues (bullying, etc) would be helpful. Good luck!

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If you are looking for mental health support, I would highly recommend a professional who is regulated in your state or jurisdiction.  Many professional companies do employ psychologists - you could do some research into companies near to you and see who they use - then contact that person to see if they could either help you/your dancer or recommend someone.  Another way to find a psychologist is to google "Psychology Today" - there is a "find a therapist" function which you can set to your location.

Also, there is Dr. Nadine Kaslow, (see link below), who is a psychologist and former professional dancer.  She is at Emory University and is past-President of the American Psychological Association.


Another well known Psychologist is Dr. Linda Hamilton, also a former professional dancer:



I am not recommending any one person in particular - I main suggestion is that you look for a qualified, regulated practitioner.  Non-regulated practitioners can be good also, however public protection is significantly enhanced when engaging a regulated professional.




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@mom2such wonderful information! I will check it out for sure. I do prefer it is someone who understands ballet/dance - and these are wonderful suggestions.

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