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Hello I'm back

Guest Aurelie

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hi everyone. I've been away at camp all summer so i'm pretty out of the the loop. I just wanted to say that i'm back and that i can't wait to read all the posts I have missed. While at camp I did not get to dance so my body is feeling pretty depressed right now. I really really need a ballet class. Anyways it's nice to be back.



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Hi Aurelie, and welcome back. I moved your post to the Buddy board us adults now have, so you can have a chat.As you can see, while you have been away, the board has changed a bit...for the better though..:cool:

What camp were you on? :) :cool:

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Hey, we missed you here. Take a look at all the pics that were posted.


Did you ever get the negatives on the ones we did together?


Send me some copies......





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Guest Aurelie

I feel so bad that I never go to this site anymore. I am so busy with school right now that I hardly find time to eat. I miss all you guys and can't wait for nest summer to come around. the camp that I worked at was wonderful, I had the best campers ever. Well I'm back in full swing of ballet. Classes are going good but i have to work extra hard to make up for the two months I did not dance. Anyways, I'll try harder to visit this site. I have learned so much from our topics here and have made so many great friends. Lov Ya.


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