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Some dancers have the twist in their feet on pointe, which is not a good thing. It could be because of a lack of strength in the arch to allow you to stand all the way up on the feet and properly. It has to do with the way I stand up on pointe where the shank twists because my feet do not hold a strong enough arch to allow me to stand all the way on top and properly which causes my feet to lean the wrong way. This requires foot exercises. Can you please suggest what kind of foot exercise would help improve my arch? Thanks.

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Tanya, you posted until the exact same thread title earlier today. When you want to respond to an existing thread, all you have to do is hit the "post reply" button at the bottom of the thread, and not enter a new thread. I'll delete the other one, as this question is far more complete.


Now, as to help for those not fully on pointe when they go on pointe, they may have to consider dropping pointe work until the feet are strong enough on their own to allow the student to rise to full pointe correctly. As for exercises to strengthen the feet for pointework, consult the archives under both YD stretches and exercises, and YD pointe, technique... for many many things already said about this subject.

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