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Rules and Policies --- For Posting Links

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As more and more dance sites and message boards appear on the web, we wanted to make clear our policy about posting links to other sites. We'd like to encourage the sharing of information, but we don't want this site to become a commercial bulletin board.


If you find a (ballet!) web site of interest, one that is not a discussion forum like Ballet Talk for Dancers, that you'd like to share, please feel free to post a link to it.


There are two exceptions to this general policy: registering merely, or primarily, to post links to another web site to promote that site; or posting links to another board primarily to drum up traffic for that board. Such posts may be deleted at the discretion of the moderators.


Cross-posting -- posting a response, or a review, here as well as on other message boards -- is fine with us, but may not be consistent with the rules of the other boards; it's best to check first. However, if you've written something on another message board, please don't link to it; post it here too. (Other boards may have a different policy on this; it's best to check first.)


Posting a press release about an upcoming professional ballet program, or audition notice or the like, is fine; please use the appropriate forum.


Any full member of this board who has something to announce -- an upcoming concert or performance, a book or article coming out -- is free to use the Announcements forum. That's what it's there for.


Please do not copy posts from this board to another site without the permission of the poster. If you do have the poster's permission, and the other site's permission, please note that you found the material on Ballet Talk for Dancers.


Our Private Messaging system is provided as a courtesy and convenience to regular members, and may not be used to solicit products, nor to contact members to recruit them to post on another message board, and PM privileges may be revoked if we learn this occurs.


And finally, please do not copy posts, or information, from other sites and post it here, unless you have the permission of the site owner. If you find a link to a news article, for example, say, "I found this link on xxx."


Thank you!


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