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Career: Unsure re profession for daughter

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Letting our DD attend residency school wasn't easy, but my husband and I wanted her to have the opportunity to try for a ballet career. Who knows what the future may bring, but we didn't want her in later years lamenting that she could have been a professional dancer, if we would only have let her try. I will admit that neither of the grandparents have felt this is the right decision, and feel that she is wasting her intelligence by pursuing such a rigorous ballet program. DD however, is continuing to take the advanced math, and other subjects that would be necessary IF she opts for college at a later time in her life. Whether she will, who knows? My husband and I think that the path she has chosen thus far is a life experience and is a benefit. :rolleyes:


mcrm55, thank you for sharing your experience with us.

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I can't tell you how many times someone has said to me in a negative tone - aren't you worried about your daughter wanting to be a professional ballerina - it is such a tough life.


Yes, it is true - I hear it is a tough life, however, this is what she wants.She loves it and I hope she always does. And if she doesn't, she'll change her career. But for now this is what she wants and her father and I are supporting her every step of the way. If she comes to me tomorrow and says its not what she wants I will support in that as well.


It has taught her innumerable lessons, been a great character builder, taught her so much about relationship building, how to handle disappointment, the list could go on for days. It is her life - she is living it to its fullest. She once said that she loves to dance because she feels so free without a care in the world. That says it all.


The very first time I saw her dance at age 4 I sat there behind the one way mirror and sobbed my eyes out. I knew in that moment what was to come. It's been and will continue to be an incredible journey. I look forward to sharing it with those of you in the years to come. Tough life and all!!!

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bumping up for some of our newbies...a great conversation!!


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i know i am not a parent, you can delete this if you think it is not my place to post in here.

BUT i thought id post something from a students stand point.


I started dancing when i was 3, and then began serious training at a preprofessional school around age 7. i am now 16, going on 17, and have begun thinking about my future. i always considered college until this year, and i realized that it may not be the best route for me. i have gone to public school up until this year. public schooling was horrible for me, because most other kids and teachers didn't realize the strict time demands of dancing.


SO for that and many other reasons, my parents decided that we could do homeschooling. and after much research decided on doing an independent study program through indiana university. and i will be getting a real diploma.

My mom and i have had loooong talks about the reality of dance and she is giving me until next september to get my body in superb shape and continue improving technically. and at that point she and my dance teachers are going to discuss my potential career. i have an older sister who took the college route and then had a professional career for a couple years before getting married and then started teaching dance. so i know all the hardships, as does my mom. so as of right now, im taking pilates classes, making sure im eating correctly, working out. and taking each class as if it were my last and getting EVERYTHING out of EVERY class. and for now, i have begun looking at companies i plan to audition for in about a year and a half. and as of now, college is not on my path. i plan on taking one of two paths after dancing, i either plan on culinary school to become a pastry chef, or become a pilates instuctor. and there are a couple other career paths i have in mind just in case, nutritionist, dance teacher, etc. i just know that i can't see myself living and not having anything to do with the dance world!


the only thing i can say to the parents on here is that you are all lovely. the best thing you can do for your DK's is exactly what you're doing. and that is letting them follow their dreams. i know that there are weeks and sometimes months where my mom has very little to say to me about dance. and it upsets me at time because i see it as her not being supportive, whether thats true or not.

but you all seem to be wonderfully supportive of your kids and thats the most important thing.


every career nowadays has its what-if's and maybe's. but that doesn't stop people from continuing on. and no one knows whether or not your kids will make it, so the most important thing you can do is encourage and support your kids in doing what the love, but deep down keep reality in mind.

this is a wonderful post. thank you all!

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Looselegs - I'm a Dance Mom and I can tell you that even though your Mom might not always show it - she does support you. Sometime for us moms - it's hard to give up on some dreams that we have for our children and because your Mom already has firsthand knowledge about dance as a career and how difficult it can be - perhaps she was hoping you would take a different path. I think you should show your Mom your post. She might be surprised to see how you feel about her support.


It sounds like your are doing everything you can to help yourself have a career in dance and your parents are supporting you very well by allowing you to maximize your time during the day by taking correspondence school.


My dd had always wanted to be a dancer - specifically a Ballerina! Initially, I had a hard time thinking that she wouldn't go to college, especially when she was such a good student! It was my husband who reminded me that you can go to college at any age - but you can't dance at any age. Once I let go of my own personal feelings, I was able to let my daughter persue her dream and support her 100%. Yes it is a tough life BUT if she is happy with it - that's all a parent can ask and hope for.


She ended up extending her training after high school by moving to a larger school associated with a large company. She spent two years there and was offered a contract by that company this past spring. She says that every day she just can't believe her life! She is so completely happy.


So - GO FOR IT!!!!! You never know what the future will bring but I can assure you that you never want to look back and say "what if..." That would be no fun at all.

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pattypirouette. thanks so much for that post. thats my biggest fear. looking back and thinking "what if i could have made it". so for now im chasing my dreams with everything i have. thanks again. it was a nice encouragement :pinch:

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