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Hi all!


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I was wondering around and saw some really useful knowledge shared here. So I am in with a lot of curiosity. Not so much to add but will do if I can.

Ballet is one of my hobbies. I have started quite late... 36 😅 but I like it anyway. As a perfect training and a great art. I enjoy classical ballet music and to watch the performances as well but I feel no intention to go on stage. 

In my city there are many amateur ballet schools but there is not a company that makes ballet for the theaters. 

I participate on the classes of a few schools. I try to do my best. I really do. 

I wish to learn more grand allegro but my skills are lack. I like pas de deux as well. Oh... I am a boy from Hungary.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, Moncabe. We're glad you found us. There are many wonderful dancers from Hungary, and your country has a great musical heritage also. 

There are several late starters who post here on Ballet Talk for Dancers, about their journey in learning this wonderful art - you're in good company! There's also a section specifically for male dancers, where you will find a lot of wisdom, particularly about grande allegro. Mostly, men and women learn the same repertoire of steps and combinations in a ballet class, but grand allegro is one of the areas where men focus and specialise, and learn to do some extraordinary things! But you might just start with the basics.

Good luck with your classes, and welcome!

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