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September 11, 2002

Victoria Leigh

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In a few moments it will be exactly a year from the very minute that the first plane hit the World Trade Center. I know I don't have to remind anyone of this very solemn anniversary, as the media coverage is overwhelming. However, as Alexandra suggested on the General Discussion board, I would like to request that the day be respected and that silly or trivial topics be avoided. Although we normally allow only ballet topics here, if anyone wants to discuss things related to 9/11, that would be appropriate today.


This board can also serve as a welcome relief from all of the sadness, therefore discussions of legitimate ballet topics will still be most welcome. But if you have feelings you would like to share about the impact of this day on your lives, please feel free to do so.

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I know that September 11th was already some days ago, but I’d like to write a belated post anyway.


I can still recall the day when I was watching TV in the afternoon and the program was interrupted by “breaking news”: A plane had just crashed into one of the Twin Towers. This event was probably one of the worst things that I have ever experienced in my young life and in fact during the next two weeks I watched the horrible pictures of the crashes and people jumping out of the windows over and over again until I was able to understand that this has really happened…it is reality.

This attack is not only so sad because it shows ignorance and brutality in its worst extend but also because these cowards killed so many innocent people who weren’t involved in that matter; even young beautiful children whose lives had just begun.

Not only did this event reveal how vulnerable we are despite all the technology and security, but it also showed us that it is about time to think over our attitudes towards our own lives and especially our attitudes towards other cultures and their way of living. We have to realise that it’s not the time to find individuals to blame but to pursue mutual understanding between the different nations; we have to see that it is the different people who make life so interesting.


This event did not only have an effect on the U.S.A. but also on other parts of the world, e.g. Germany. Two days ago, my hometown had a get-together of Christians, Moslems and Jews to remember the people who died in the attack on September 11th and to show that people with different religious beliefs can live together in peace.


I want you to know that my hearts goes out to you and that I’m sorry for what happened the last year. The Americans have shown everyone that they are extremely loyal by sticking together and getting over the tragedy united.



Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding.



Thanks for reading,


Svenia :)

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Thank you, Svenia, for your heartfelt and moving post. People who love peace and goodwill all over the world rejoice to hear of other similarly-minded folk doing what needs to be done to help end conflict and provide the blessings of peace among all peoples. As an Old Soldier, I thought I should tell you how I feel.

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September 11: is a date that is also very significant to me in an ironic way. I felt really numb and dazed upon seeing the planes crashing into the WTC. I never had the faintest idea that I would be in the situation that I'm in now - I lost my job following the terror attacks. Since then, things had never been smooth for me; in terms of job search. I'm still out of job; wondering where my place is in the job market.


However, one year prior to the terror attacks on the almost exact date (September 12, 2000), my life took a turning point, never in my dreams, would be the second chance in life. I went for corrective foot surgery on my left foot. It was really worth all the effort in taking the chance, because I didn't lose anything by going for it. In fact, my life improve to such an extent that I could never dream of if I had let the chance pass me by...


I can consider myself very lucky in terms that I was treated for my physical condition before it would be too late for me to do so. My heart really goes out to the victims that have to go through such a rough experience. Whatever it would be life really must go on and we will always learn from what had happened in the past to be better people in the future.


With all these events, I have turned into a different person from what I used to be... a more sensitive, hopefully more resilient, and courageous to all the life's challenges that would surface.


September 11 and 12 - two dates that would be etched permanently in my life either personally or not... dates that are too important to be overlooked. Like some people may say - there is silver lining in gray clouds... or something similar, correct me if I'm wrong. That's how life could be...like my life is now, I'm trying to keep positive outlook despite of the misfortunes that I've encountered.



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