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Dance school cancelled enrolment


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Looking for advice! 

Out of the blue, the dance school my children attend have withdrawn/cancelled their enrolment, seemingly without grounds? 

We are long-standing members and I cannot see that we have done anything wrong along the way. Recently we have considered moving studios and expressed this to the studio owner, but it was for next year (if at all) and when we explained why we were considering it, the studio owner was very understanding at the time. 

Now this. I have requested to talk about the email, I have requested to be provided with reasoning/grounds but I have not gotten a response. We attend the studio every single day. My children are all under 8. Explaining this to them is going to be very difficult. 

Are they allowed to do this? I really want my kids to have the opportunity to finish the year off, they have been working so hard. I have tried phoning, emailing and texting but I think I have been blocked. One day everything was fine and the next : this. 

What would you do? 

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Yes, the handling of this was not great. But, after this, why would you want to be there?

For your kids sake, I think you would spin it as, "It is time we moved on" that you had been thinking about it and old studio agrees.

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That sounds bizarre and very confusing. However kids are very resilient, especially ones as young as yours. If you talk up the new studio they will forget the old one quickly. And you do not need to tell them what the old studio did, just you are moving them for positive reasons. 

If it was me, the fact I did not have answers would eat away at me and every time I saw the studio it would conjure negative thoughts. But there is nothing to do if you already emailed, called, and texted. And as a private business they have the ability to cancel enrollment unless there is a contract you both signed. 

If you can, think of it as your decision was made for you but earlier than you expected and move forward. It is hard but that seems the best and only option you have.

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I think the main factor is that the big focus for them (the kids) is on the end of year events which they will now miss out on and are quite upset about - particularly the oldest. She has several concert dances with roles she knows and loves and all of a sudden I have to tell her that she cannot be a part of this. 

so to answer the above question - why do I want to stay after this? I don’t. My kids do and their mental health is my top priority. I understand that kids are resilient but kids also experience trauma and compartmentalise it. I use this example to make the point that while yes they would get over it (it is the oldest I am worried about) scars can remain. This situation is plain unkind and without grounds..it is hard to explain that to kids who don’t understand the politics and just want to showcase their work. And in my opinion, deserve to.

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After three years at a local ballet studio, my dancer was kicked out at the age of six.  That was fifteen years ago, and I still grimace when I hear the studio owner's name.  All of the boys in my son's level were asked to leave at the same time, because the teen daughter of the studio owner, who helped demonstrate in class, had decided the boys were not interested in ballet.  There was nothing I could do about it at the time, and I think your situation is similar.  If they won't sit down with you and discuss the enrollment, you probably can't (and shouldn't?) force the issue. In the long run, my dancer ended up in a much better studio.

I would focus on what is in your control and try to maintain your poise and graciousness.  Your kids will get through this and may even be happier at a new studio. 

Occasionally, there is some karma in the ballet world.  When my son was 16, the same studio that kicked my son out had to borrow him from his new studio and pay him to be their Sugarplum Cavalier. 

Good luck with this tough situation.  Hang in there!


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