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dinner before dance

Guest Medora

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Because I go to dance at 6:30 and the time that my parents cook, I always end up eating my dinner and rushing out the door to class. I have heard however that right after you eat, all the blood is concentrated in the digestive system and not the muscles so it is not a good thing to eat right before class. Would this significantly affect my performance in class? Also, I have heard that you should drink six to eight glasses of water a day. I have always wondered, wat size glass do they mean? A 32oz. cup is twice the size of a 16oz. cup.


I also wanted to thank Ms. Leigh for the tip she left on practicing beats in the swimming pool. :) I have always had the problem with brushing my leg too high and not making the beat. Lucky for me, I have a pool, and after ten minuets or so my beats were much better. I'm now making the beats on the brises on both my good and bad sides!


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Actually, the eight glasses of water protocol is proving to be a false piece of advice. Most people can get by on four (8 oz.) glasses of water a day, with the remainder being supplied by the solid and semisolid foods we consume each day. The food also aids in fluid retention.


It's really not a good idea to do vigorous exercise right after a meal, not so much because the body is busy digesting, but because the activity could easily upset your stomach! All that bouncing around! Have a snack shortly before class, then have your parents hold a plate for you from supper to be reheated after class.

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Glad to hear about the improvement in the beats, Medora :)


I agree with Major Johnson about not eating a full meal right before a class. Either a very light snack, or if possible, a meal much earlier in the afternoon would be best, and then just a snack at night after you get home. That would depend on your schedule, of course. It may be hard for parents to adjust sometimes, but if you are a serious dancer, then your eating schedule might need to be different from theirs. I don't remember ever having dinner with my parents except maybe on weekends!

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For me the huge problem is that my parents are not willing to adjust. They want me to eat dinner with them and what they are eating. They don't want to do the dishes twice! My mom cooks very large, tasty, and nutritious dinners every night, and works all day. I wish I could change this but my parents are not very supportive of my dancing. Luckily, I have never gotten an upset stomach before in class. Changing this would be very hard, but if it will make a huge difference, I will try to do it.

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If your parents don't want to do dishes twice, then you can do your own dishes, or use disposables. There are all sorts of ways to skin a cat.


In the course of your daily regimen, I would like to add, on the advice of an off-board friend, make sure that you include about 2 cups of milk throughout the course of the day in your diet. That not only counts toward hydration, but many nutrients are obtained that way. And on the issue of hydration - when you're thirsty, drink water! It doesn't matter how much you've had during the day, if you feel thirsty, you need it!

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Wow, that's neat because I drink milk everyday for breakfast! It does have a huge amount of vitamins in it, and it just makes me feel good. Not to mention I think it tastes good too. ;) Mostof the time when I have time at breakfast I will have two glasses and sometimes at night. I love milk.

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Medora- I understand your problem. That could be pretty difficult if your parents don't want to make adjustments. We've gotten it worked out pretty well in my family. Oftentimes, my family doesn't eat until after I'm at ballet anyways, because my dad isn't home. But if they're eating before I leave, then I'll sit with them so that we're still a family, but I won't eat a lot, or I'll have a little something else, like scrambled eggs. Then I eat more when I get home, before I go to bed. I've found that it works well, because I have a lot of energy for class, but I don't get an upset stomach. And then when I get home, I'm always really hungry and ready for a real dinner, so my parents always leave some dinner for me. Hope this helps...

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Oh, my mom doesn't make dinner for our family. That's because where she works (a guest ranch), she gets lunch in the dining room where they have a gourmet chef. She doesn't realize that I have to eat the barely edible thing they call school cafeteria food (I'm serious, the hot dogs actually bounce, my friends and I always have fun with that). So, I usually just make my own food. I actually can make nutritional meals, my Grandmother thinks I'm some cooking prodigy because of it.

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That's good, Laura!:)


Learning to cook for yourself, efficiently, neatly, and tastily is a valuable skill to cultivate!

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Guest Luv2DancePointe

I have almost the same situation as you, Medora. Except my mother doesn't mind if I eat after I get back from dance. My mom was a dancer when she was young, and understands that not everyones schedule will fit exactly!!

I'm sorry you're mother doesn't understand this!! I hope you can figure it out soon!

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