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attitude and arasbesque turns

Guest Medora

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I was wondering if anyone out there had any helpful tips on attitude and arabesqe turns. I have the problem of pinching or collapsing I guess you could say on the side of the leg that is lifted. I know this probably just a practice issue and not much can be said but sometimes people do have those good tips, like practicing beats in the pool. ;)

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When starting to practice arabesque and attitude turns, it's often best to practice them with the leg only raised to 45º instead of a fully extended and lifted position. Be sure that you hit that position squarely when you go up into the turn, in fact, practice the preparation for the turn a few times without turning, and make sure the whole body, leg and all, hits the arabesque or attitude as a unit. Not one piece here, another piece there. Trying to correct position in a turn is a guarantee of falling out of the turn.

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