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"Act Like A Prince" says my teacher; but how? Tips? Suggestions?


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Its now 2021 and the end of this month will mark the THIRD YEAR of me taking class!  My teacher often encourages me to carry myself as would a prince.  Do you have any tips or suggestions that may help with this?  Was there any particular approach that helped when you were learning?  Thanks!

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Into year six or seven now and still trying to work that out: on my todo list for this year.

Watch dancers with a similar physique and see how they carry themselves? Spend some time playing in the mirror. I'm pretty sure it involves rather a lot of looking ridiculous until you nail it. 

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Thank you, Coleman.  In a weird sort of way I guess it is encouraging to know that it is not necessarily quick and easy.  Guess that may just be the nature of the beast that Ballet can be.  

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Well, part of my problem is that the prince I most resemble is latter day Henry VIII, but I think its the sort of "simple" thing that depends on having good secure technique before you can express it well.

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Watch the men in ballets. What helped me a lot was taking some character classes.

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Ahh, that makes sense.  I will see if there are any on-line character resources available.  My small town doesn't really offer any specialized training.  Thanks for the idea.


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